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Florida Vine-Ripened Tomatoes

When to Enjoy

Vine-ripened tomatoes from Florida are at their bold and juicy peak from the end of April through May. We work directly with our growers in the Sunshine State to ensure the tomatoes you see in-store are the best of the best. Each tomato is ripened on the vine to allow its flavor to develop fully. Then, when mature, our tomatoes are handpicked and handled with care as we rush them to our stores so that you can enjoy vine-ripened Florida tomatoes while they’re still farm-fresh.



  • Keep tomatoes out of the refrigerator (unless they have been sliced open).
  • If you ever need to peel tomatoes, here’s the trick: Just put them in boiling water for about thirty seconds and then allow them to cool. (To hurry the cooling, you can plunge them into cold water.) You’ll find you can then slip off the skins.
Nutrition Facts