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Wine Defined

three wine glasses

A Wine Lover's Dictionary

Thanks to our wine glossary, tasting terms, and a list of flavors and aromas to look for in wine, you'll never be at a loss for words when you sip.

Aromas & Flavors

One of the amazing things about wine is how a beverage that starts out as just grape juice takes on myriad different characteristics. Magic? No, chalk it up to fermentation; when grape juice becomes wine, its compounds mimic non-grape things. Our guide defines the aromas and flavors commonly found in various wines. Most of the descriptors can pop up both aromatically and on the palate. Most are normal and welcome...and some, not.

Tasting Terms

Distinct from aroma or flavor, taste refers to what you experience on the palate as you sip. This list of tasting terms will help you describe that experience.

Wine Glossary

Just what does "Reserve" really mean? And could Noble Rot possibly be a good thing? We define fifty common wine terms you'll often hear in the world of wine.