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3 Beautiful Handmade Wine Bottle Gift Wrap Ideas

three gift-wrapped wine bottles

Wine is a classic gift to give, and for good reason: It’s simple, spans a range of price points, and is appreciated by nearly everyone.

But how you dress up the wine bottle can be more problematic. Traditional wrapping doesn’t work—and you may not always have a wine gift-giving bag on hand. These three ideas come to the rescue, with beautiful handmade wine bottle gift wraps anyone can do.

  • Cut a piece of plain butcher or craft paper that will wrap fully around the wine bottle. Place the wine bottle in the middle of the paper and roll to wrap. Fold up the bottom and tape. Crease the sides at the top of the bottle. Tie string and some whole spices or herbs, or another adornment, around the neck of the present.
  • Cut a piece of plain or patterned paper wide enough to fit over the label of the wine bottle. Secure with tape. Cut a piece of contrasting paper or other fabric (here, we used burlap) smaller than the label paper; secure around the middle of the bottle. Tie a bow with ribbon or string and tuck in a bloom or berries.
  • Tear off a section of plain paper such as craft or butcher paper, leaving the edges ragged and using a piece big enough to cover just part of the bottle. Cut a piece of fabric or contrasting paper to wrap the bottom half of the bottle; fold over the top of the fabric to create an edge. Tie a ribbon and tag around the fabric.

Stumped about bottles to give? Consider these can’t-miss favorite wines: