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The Top Wines for Spring Celebrations

table of wine bottles, wine glasses, and platter of sliced ham

No matter which spring holidays you celebrate, the centerpiece meals traditionally teem with bright, beautiful spring colors-and a rainbow of flavors to match. Spring holiday feasts span flavors from deviled eggs to cheese straws, from ham to turkey breast or lamb, from stalks of asparagus to bowls of peas to roasted carrots.

The variety of dishes can make wine pairing a challenge. But you can find a basket's worth of white and red wines that are versatile matches for the many tastes. Our Publix wine experts pored over the thousands of possibilities to choose these perfect wines for your spring celebration.

Red Wines
Though typically matched with steaks and burgers, this lineup of red wines proves there's a pairing for every main course holiday dish. Whether you're roasting asparagus or ham, you'll have a wine to serve alongside it.

White Wines
Not just a pairing for appetizers and lighter fare, these white wines can carry you through the meal. They'll refresh the palate when served with full-flavored dishes, and bring out the nuances of your delicate sides.

Read on for our specific bottle picks.


Kendall-Jackson Merlotd 1. Kendall-Jackson Merlot: This red features an intense concentration of black fruit and dark chocolate flavors.
Chateau St. Jean Merlot 2. Chateau St. Jean Merlot: Let your nose catch the spearmint mixed with berries in this varietal.
CK Mondavi Merlot 3. CK Mondavi Merlot: A value-driven merlot that’s bottled in California, this wine offers a rich mouthfeel and a soft, fruity finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignond 4.Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon: A full-bodied cabernet with a long, woodsy finish, this wine is a classic pairing for red meat. But it won't overpower lighter foods such as pork tenderloin or prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.
Louis M. Martini Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon 5. Louis M. Martini Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon: Strong tannins add a supple, earthy balance to this Sonoma cabernet. Its medium-bodied blend of plummy berry notes, with a hint of cherry cola, complements vegetable sides, like roasted potatoes.
Natura Cabernet Sauvignon 6. Natura Cabernet Sauvignon: With light aromas of blackberries and chocolate, this red features smooth tannins and a persistent finish.
Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon 7. Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon: An easy sip that melds ripe blackberry and boysenberry notes with mouth-coating tannins.


Cavit Riesling 8. Cavit Riesling: An Italian riesling that’s seeing rising popularity in this country for its carefully crafted aromas.
Chateau Ste. Michelle Harvest Select Riesling 9. Chateau Ste. Michelle Harvest Select Riesling: This variety offers sweet flavors of ripe peaches and crisp acidity.
Cupcake Vineyards Riesling 10. Cupcake Vineyards Riesling: Handpicked grapes accent this wine’s delicate flavor.


Fetzer Valley Oaks Gewürztraminer 11. Fetzer Valley Oaks Gewürztraminer: An affordable bottle that’s tops for taming spicier food.
hateau Ste. Michelle Gewürztraminer 12. Chateau Ste. Michelle Gewürztraminer: Cloves, floral, and muscat offer deep flavor notes.


Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay 13. Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay: This full-bodied white can take your brunch from appetizers through the main course, pairing well with everything from quiche to smoked salmon.
Benziger Chardonnay 14. Benziger Chardonnay: Serving roasted poultry or seafood at your holiday spread? This vibrant chardonnay is a stellar pairing, showcasing apricot and pear at the start with a creamy finish.

Sauvignon Blanc

Kim Crawford 15. Kim Crawford: Whether you start the meal with shrimp cocktail or end it with a cheese plate, this zippy sauvignon blanc complements it all with notes of green apple, lemon, and slate.

Pinot Noir

La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir16. La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir: Meldung lush red cherries and velvety spice, this standout California pinot noir pairs perfectly with sweet and savory dishes such as ham and roasted vegetables.


1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel-Aged Zinfandel 17. 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel-Aged Zinfandel: This shiraz-based red blend bursts with berry flavor and a mocha finish. Its lush, round mouthfeel lets it stand up to the strong flavors of your main course.

Red Wine

19 Crimes Warden Red Wine18. 19 Crimes Warden Red Wine: An affordable bottle that's tops for taming spicier food.