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Discover the Perfect Wine for Your Mom

overhead shot of stemless glass of red wine

Flowers are fabulous, chocolate is grand, but wine for Mother's Day? That's a sure way to take her holiday from an ordinary, "Thanks, Mom!" to an extraordinary, "You really ARE #1, Mom!" Use these ideas to figure out which wine to pair with your mom's favorite foods.

Mother's Day Brunch Lovers

Waffles, omelets, baked goods, casseroles: There are lots of yummy recipes you can make for a Mother's Day brunch. If it's her favorite way to celebrate, try these pairings:

  • To pair with pastries, scones, rolls, or sweet baked goods, try a sparkling wine or champagne-infused mimosa for a tangy contrast to all of that rich, doughy goodness.
  • To pair with bacon or sausage (particularly in casseroles), go with a crisp chardonnay to stand up to the saltiness of the meat.
  • To pair with eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, or poached eggs, turn to a dry riesling for a robust contrast to eggs' mellow flavor.
  • To pair with hearty pancakes, French toast, or waffles, choose prosecco to contrast all of the yeast and syrup.

Mother's Day Dinner

If you're treating Mom to a homemade meal, use these suggestions to help give the gift of wine that will have her remember the day with a smile.

  • If grilled steak is the perfect match for Mom's taste buds, go for a bold, red wine such as cabernet sauvignon.
  • If your mom loves a hearty salad, choose something that's dry and light like sauvignon blanc.
  • If chicken is Mom's favorite, a light red such as pinot noir makes a perfect match for most chicken-focused dishes.
  • If lobster is your mom's special treat, a more acidic chardonnay from a warmer climate—California, for example—works as a good match for the rich, filling shellfish.

For Moms Who Love Ethnic Food

Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Southeast Asian: When it’s Mother's Day, Mom gets to pick. Have the perfect wine ready—no matter her choice.

  • For Mexican-inspired salsa, enchiladas, or fajitas: Go for merlot, a wonderful, all-around companion for most Mexican-inspired dishes.
  • For spicy Thai dishes, pick up a bottle of gewürztraminer to balance their complex freshness and flavor.
  • For Indian food, try an aromatic wine like pinot gris as a flavorful companion to many bold dishes such as curries.
  • For classic Italian, go for classic zinfandel, which works well with meatballs and dishes featuring Italian sausage.

Mother's Day Sweet Treats

What tops brunch and dinner on Mother's Day? Dessert. Luckily, there's a wine to go with whatever special after-meal treat your mom loves. Try:

  • apple pie with a fresh, vibrant riesling, which generally has a great crispness to complement fruit desserts.
  • chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate with tannin-forward port for an intense accent.
  • rich, smooth custard paired with a sweet, lively moscato to contrast the custard's pleasant tang.
  • one-of-a-kind, rich baklava with a lighter, less sweet wine such as a lovely marsala.

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