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Spicy Thai Chicken and Rice With Asian Slaw

Spicy Thai Chicken and Rice With Asian Slaw
Total Time:
30 minutes
Active Time:
30 minutes

Cooking Sequence

-- Prepare chicken and begin to microwave - 5 minutes

-- Prepare salad and complete chicken; serve - 25 minutes

Spicy Thai Chicken and Rice


1 (6.2-ounce) package 5-minute long grain/wild rice

2 cups frozen cooked, diced chicken breasts

2 cups frozen baby pea blend (peas, carrots, snow peas, baby corn)

1 1/2 cups water

1/2 cup peanut sauce

1/3 cup chow mein noodles


1. Combine all ingredients (except chow mein noodles) in medium bowl. Spoon mixture into 2-quart microwave-safe dish. Cover with lid (or plastic wrap, pierced to vent steam). Microwave on HIGH 8 minutes, stirring once, to begin to heat. Let stand 2 minutes.

2. Microwave 6 more minutes or until mixture is hot and thoroughly heated.

3. Let stand (covered) 5 minutes. Sprinkle noodles over top and serve.

Asian Slaw


1 (12-ounce) bag fresh broccoli slaw

1 cup grape tomatoes (rinsed)

1 cup matchstick carrots

1 (8-ounce) can pineapple tidbits in juice (drained)

1/4 cup refrigerated ginger salad dressing


1. Place slaw in salad bowl.

2. Stir in remaining ingredients. Chill until ready to serve.

Aprons Advice

Peanut sauce is an essential ingredient in many Thai recipes. It is spicy, but not too hot, and makes a great marinade for shrimp, chicken or pork.

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Spicy Thai Chicken and Rice

Asian Slaw

Spicy Thai Chicken and Rice

CALORIES (per 1/4 recipe) 340kcal; FAT 7g; CHOL 30mg; SODIUM 1310mg; CARB 47g; FIBER 2g; PROTEIN 22g; VIT A 20%; VIT C 6%; CALC 2%; IRON 8%

Asian Slaw

CALORIES (per 1/4 recipe) 100kcal; FAT 4g; CHOL 0mg; SODIUM 360mg; CARB 15g; FIBER 5g; PROTEIN 3g; VIT A 170%; VIT C 140%; CALC 6%; IRON 6%

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