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Ham, Egg, Tomato, and Asparagus Breakfast Bread Bowls

Ham, Egg, Tomato, and Asparagus Breakfast Bread Bowls
Total Time:
45 minutes
Active Time:
25 minutes


1 (12-oz) package Bakery Kaiser rolls (6 rolls)
6 slices cooked ham lunchmeat (6 oz)
1/2 cup grape tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup asparagus tips
9 large eggs
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 cup + 6 tablespoons shredded Italian-blend cheese
Nonstick aluminum foil


  1. Preheat grill on medium-low. Slice off tops of buns; remove insides of rolls (by gently pulling with fingers) without breaking through the crust. Place bread pieces in large bowl; cut tops into cubes (about 2 cups of bread pieces). Line each bread bowl with a slice of ham.
  2. Cut tomatoes in half; cut asparagus into 1-inch pieces. Whisk in medium bowl: 3 eggs, cream, onion powder, salt, and pepper until foamy. Stir in tomatoes, asparagus, and 1/2 cup cheese. Pour egg mixture over bread and carefully combine until bread is completely saturated with the egg mixture.
  3. Divide egg and bread mixture into bread bowls (about 1/3 cup each); sprinkle each bowl with 1 tablespoon of remaining cheese. Press down with the back of a spoon to form an indention in the center of each bowl. Break remaining 6 eggs (1 in each bowl), keeping the yolk intact.
  4. Wrap each bread bowl in foil, folding up ends to seal completely. Place on grill over indirect heat and close lid (or cover); grill 15–18 minutes or until the egg has set and the bread bowl is toasted. Serve.

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Nutritional Information

CALORIES (per 1/6 recipe) 550kcal; FAT 37.00g; SAT FAT 19.00g; TRANS FAT 0.50g; CHOL 390mg; SODIUM 860mg; CARB 32g; FIBER 1.00g; SUGARS 6g; PROTEIN 25g; CALC 20%; VIT A 35%; VIT C 20%; IRON 15%

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