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Aprons Thai Chicken Meal Kit, with Red Curry, Sauce, Serves 2

Aprons Thai Chicken Meal Kit, with Red Curry, Sauce, Serves 2
Total Time:
30 minutes


Follow this recipe for your meal.

Chicken Thighs
Spice Packet
Thai Peanut Sauce
Coconut Rice
Sweet Potato, Onion, and Pepper Vegetable Blend

PANTRY ITEMS (not included in kit):
Olive Oil

KITCHEN TOOLS NEEDED (not included in kit):
Medium, Nonstick Sauté Pan
Cooking Tongs
Microwave-safe Bowl
Wooden Spoon
Cutting Board


  1. Remove outer packaging, sauce cups, and chicken. Preheat medium non-stick saute pan on medium-high 2–3 minutes.
  2. Chop chicken into 1-inch pieces (wash hands). Place 1 tablespoon oil in pan. Add chicken to pan; cook and stir 3–4 minutes and until chicken is browned on all sides. Stir in sauce and spice packet; cook 2–3 more minutes and until chicken is 165°F and sauce has thickened.
  3. Microwave tray with rice and sweet potatoes on HIGH for 2 minutes. Stir rice and potatoes; then microwave 1 more minute. Serve rice and vegetables topped with chicken and sauce.

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Nutritional Information

CALORIES (per 1/2 Meal Kit) 570kcal; FAT 25.00g; SAT FAT 12.00g; TRANS FAT 0.00g; CHOL 160mg; SODIUM 770mg; CARB 48g; FIBER 5.00g; SUGARS 7g; PROTEIN 39g; CALC 6%; IRON 15%

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