Publix Aprons Meal Kits

Aprons Meal Kits

From simple to delicious, just like that.

Created with care in-store, our meal kits include perfectly portioned, high-quality ingredients for you to prepare a restaurant-style dinner at home. No searching the aisles. No wasted ingredients. No subscription. Just choose a prep level, then choose your meal. All simple to prepare and enjoy.

Pick up an Aprons Meal Kit at your Publix today—they're ready when you are. That’s everyday easy.

Types of Meal Kits: Simple, Simpler, Simplest

Each Aprons Meal Kit is assigned a prep level (simple, simpler, or simplest), which is determined by how many steps are needed to prepare the meal. All our kits provide the necessary ingredients to make the meal, except for a few basic pantry items like oil, salt, and pepper.

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Simple Meal Kits

At six steps or less, this is our most involved kit. Flex your culinary skills and impress your family with the meal you make. You might even impress yourself with how easily you make it.

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Simpler Meal Kits

In four steps or less, you can prepare a delicious meal for your family. Whether you’re a beginner home chef, or just looking for an easy night in the kitchen that still turns out incredibly, this is your kit.

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Simplest Meal Kits

Just a few steps—it doesn't get any simpler! Many of these kits are mostly, if not entirely, precooked. We know you’re busy, but there’s always time for a good meal, especially when it’s so easy to prepare.

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Aprons Meal Kits are available at select stores. Set your preferred store to one of the locations below to see the available meal kits.

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Prepare a restaurant-style dinner at home for your family with an Aprons Meal Kit. Find out more about Aprons Meal Kits.


Where to Find Aprons Meal Kits

Our meal kits are currently available only at select Publix locations. Find a store near you!

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