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Levi Newsome

Growing up in the restaurant business Chef Levi began cooking professionally at the age of 15. It was in this first opportunity he studied under a classically trained chef. This experience galvanized his ambition to one day be a Chef. For the next seven years he worked many positions in the food industry from dishwasher to line cook and even waiting tables. With a hard work mentality and dedication to the craftsmanship of cooking he eventually rose to the position of head chef by the age of 22. This opportunity allowed him to refine his talent and expand his culinary knowledge. It was during this time that his interest in food knowledge inspired him to study chemistry, biology, and history at a local college and use this information to better himself as a chef.

After five years of growth as a head chef he was worried his abilities were at risk of plateauing. He then left his position at a successful restaurant to work with other talented chefs and grow as a cook and a person. Working in several successful local restaurants he expanded his understanding of food and food culture by working with multiple chefs from a variety of culinary backgrounds. This experience gave him insight into many cuisines and techniques as well as transforming him into a multi-faceted culinarian. Chef Levi then began to desire a better connection with the guests and an eagerness to teach them the tips and tricks of the industry. With a connection and passion to all things culinary he came to the Tallahassee Aprons Cooking School to excite and educate guests of the science, history and enjoyment cooking can bring to one’s life.