Contactless Payments FAQs

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What is a contactless payment?
What devices can be used for contactless payments?
What payment apps do you accept?
How do I know if my device supports contactless payment?
How do I know if my credit and/or debit card supports contactless payment?
Is my credit and/or debit card required to have the contactless logo in order to use it within the payment app on my device?
Do I really tap my device on the PIN pad?
Are contactless payments made with my device secure?
Will I need to enter my PIN during checkout?
I performed a contactless transaction in your store, but it’s not reflected in my payment app. Why?
Certain cards within my contactless device were declined in your store. Can you help me understand why?
How do I set up my card within my payment device?
Can I use my contactless device at self-checkout?
Can I pay for a portion of my order using a contactless payment method?
Are there any fees associated with using my contactless payment?
How can I prevent others from using my device as payment?
Can my information be compromised through the use of my device?
Is there a transaction limit when using contactless payments?
Will I continue to earn rewards and benefits from my credit and debit cards if I use contactless payment?
Can contactless be used to receive a refund?
When I perform a contactless transaction, the last four digits from my card don’t match what’s printed on my receipt. Why?
My payment application always defaults to a certain card; how can I pay with another card within my app?