Local Produce

man walking in a farm

Plenty of local flavor.

For over 85 years, Publix has partnered with local growers. We’ve developed trusting, longstanding relationships with many in our area of operation. We’re familiar with their practices, having visited their farms countless times. And we work together to get you the fresh produce you love.

Here are just a few. You can find more by selecting your state below.

5 Brothers Produce

This family-owned business in Homestead, Florida has provided produce to Publix since the 1980s. Grower Tommy Torbert continually strives to create new opportunities for excellence in the industry and to ensure the best quality to all his customers. Throughout a growing season of December through April, Publix sources yellow squash, zucchini, and green beans from his Florida farms.

Bailey Farms

Bailey Farms in North Carolina has been growing specialty peppers since 1990. Randy and Debbie Bailey love their products—which include jalapeño, poblano, cubanelle, Hungarian wax, red chili, habanero, Finger Hot, serrano, and Scotch bonnet peppers—and are passionate about sharing them with others. They implement non-spray pest control methods, such as pest strips and nematodes, in an effort to promote a natural insect balance in and around the fields.

Coosaw Farms

South Carolina-based Coosaw Farms takes meticulous care—born out of a deep-rooted respect and love for nature—with all that they grow and manage. They provide delicious red seedless watermelon and blueberries to Publix from April through June. The farm was founded over 30 years ago by Bradley and Louise O'Neal and now includes their two children, Brad and Angela, and a team of hardworking, dedicated individuals who represent an extension of the close family culture.

Crown Orchard Company

Crown Orchard Company is a fifth-generation family farm that has been producing high-quality fruit in Albemarle County, Virginia for over 100 years. Three generations of the Chiles family are currently involved. In addition to wholesale fruit (Publix sources their apples from August through April and peaches and nectarines from July through September), the impressive operation includes two popular pick-your-own farm markets and three separate solar power systems. They are also innovative in their approach to efficient land and water use.

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