Grown Close to Home

Sam Astin holding strawberries

We always look for local.

For over 85 years, Publix has partnered with local growers. That’s not only because we like the idea of farm-fresh, close-to-home food—but also because we like to do business with our neighbors and support the communities where we have stores.

We’ve developed trusting, long-standing relationships with the farmers closest to our stores. We’re familiar with their practices and produce, having visited their farms countless times. And we work together to get ripe, just-picked produce fresh from the fields to our nearby stores—ensuring that when you bite into a Florida strawberry or a Georgia peach, it’ll taste as fresh as if you’d picked it yourself.

We get the best we can, from as nearby as we can.

Of course, not every piece of produce can be locally sourced. For example, the cool Northwest climate produces just the right temperatures and conditions to bring out the best in Rainier cherries—so that’s where we go to get them.

But when we can get wonderful fruits and vegetables right in the states where we operate, you can bet that’s exactly what we do. All things being equal, closer is better, and local is best.

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