California Sumo Citrus

sumo citrus

Perfectly Sweet. Undeniably unique.

Our California Sumo Citrus is picked at the precise time for a sweet, juicy, and delightfully distinctive fruit.

What is Sumo Citrus?

We think it’s your favorite fruit that you haven’t tried yet! Sure, it might look a little rough on the outside, but what’s beneath the peel will keep you coming back for more. Sumo Citrus is juicy without the mess, deliciously sweet, easy to peel, and seedless, which makes it an unforgettably flavorful snack.

California Sumo Citrus is at its peak flavor for just a few weeks in early April. We’re proud to work with a grower who carefully ensures the freshest and best-quality fruit, so the citrus you see in-store is up to your standard. Sumo Citrus season is short, so give this wonderfully unique-looking fruit a try before it’s gone.

Here’s what to look for.

  • The skin can feel loose or soft to the touch with a bit of give when squeezed. That just means it’s juicy and easy to peel.
  • The peel can vary from bumpy to smooth and have some discoloration or blemishes, depending on growing conditions. Don’t worry. It won’t affect the taste.
  • Shape can also vary from fruit to fruit. Some have little to no neck, while others sport a distinctive “topknot.”