California Peaches & Nectarines

Peaches and Nectarines

When to Enjoy

We’ve worked with our growers for over twenty years to ensure that you taste quality in every bite. These delicious fruits are in season from July to August, and there’s nothing quite like them when they’re picked at their peak, perfectly ripe and mature. Whether as a traditional snacktime favorite or a burst of color and flavor for your breakfast, entrée, or dessert, they make summer that much sweeter. Punch up your routine with these unique and delicious recipes.



  • Keep peaches and nectarines at room temperature for up to a few days to preserve their peak flavor and texture. Cold stops the ripening process, so refrigerate only if very ripe.
  • These fruits freeze very well (remove pits first). They’re also wonderful in jams and preserves.
Nutrition Facts