Florida Sweet Corn

At Season's Peak Florida Sweet Corn

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Hand-picked close to home and rushed to our stores.

When to Enjoy

Sweet corn from Florida is picked in May, offering a sweet preview of summer.



  • It’s best to buy corn the day you want to eat it. But if you must wait a day or two, refrigerate corn right in its husk. If your corn is already shucked, refrigerate it in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Keep your kitchen a little neater by shucking your corn inside a large plastic or paper bag that you’ll also use to collect and discard the leaves and silk.
  • Some folks swear by this method for cleanly separating the silk from the kernels: Microwave the ears for a few minutes. Use an oven mitt to handle the hot ears. Shuck as usual, or cut about an inch off each end and slip the ear right out.
Nutrition Facts