Un-fur-gettable Thanksgiving

woman feeding white cat

Make their Thanksgiving un-fur-gettable.

Here are three simple ways to tell your pets, "I'm thankful for you!"

1. Feed them pet treats instead of bones or "people food."

Most experts agree that bones and people food can cause stomach upset, or even be hazardous to pets' health. Instead, help your four-legged family members feel included by feeding them pet treats (in moderation, of course).


  • Buy small treats, or break a larger one into small pieces. This way you can be their hero more frequently without over-feeding.
  • Use treats as rewards for good behavior, as opposed to deterrents for begging or stealing people food. If you feed them immediately after they have been naughty, they may think they are being rewarded for the naughty behavior.
  • Although most people food should remain off-limits, carrots are excellent for your pets' health and make a tasty treat. Use raw or cooled steamed carrots with no added fats or salt.

2. Plan ahead for mealtime.

Prep pet meals and have them ready to go right before you serve your human guests. If possible, plan to feed pets and humans in separate rooms. This will discourage your pets from begging (and your guests from obliging).

3. Create a pet oasis.

Some pets get stressed out by their hosting duties, and even those who love people may appreciate having their own special place in the midst of the holiday mayhem. Collect your pets' things (and maybe a couple things of yours that they consider theirs!) in a quiet area.


  • Doggie beds
  • Kitty scratching posts
  • Favorite toys
  • Garments with your scent on them

Remember to leave the door ajar so pets can come and go as desired.


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