Switching Pet Food

dog watching dog food being poured in bowl

In just seven days, you could help your pet avoid many health issues by following this simple schedule.

Switching Pet Food


Top 4 Daily Diet Essentials for Dogs

Protein – Generally, dogs need a minimum of around 20% protein in their diets, so look for foods made mostly from animal proteins. Careful not to overfeed though; too much protein could lead to hyperactivity.

Fat – Fats give your dog energy and keep their coat healthy. Adult dogs generally need a minimum of 5% fat in their diets. So try to stay away from fat-free foods, unless specified by your vet.

Vitamins –Vitamin supplements provide necessary nutrients your furbaby may need. Consult your vet to find out if your dog needs a vitamin boost.

Water – Your dog’s activity levels will define their total water need. But a good rule of paw is giving your dog a quart of water for every pound of dry food served.

Top Daily Diet Fundamentals for Cats

Protein – No surprise here—cats, too, need protein in their diet. Because they can’t convert carbohydrates into energy, cats need proteins (and fats) to give them the energy to run, prowl, and play.

Fat – Although energy is the most important part of fats in your cats diet, it also helps them absorb vitamins. Fatty acids are also important for healing wounds and keeping a healthy skin and coat.

Taurine – A protein building block, taurine is a vital amino acid for your cat. It helps prevent blindness, heart disease, and other developmental issues, especially in kittens.

Carbohydrates – If your furbaby likes getting into your chips, it isn’t entirely for energy reasons. (They simply like chips!) Vets, however, may introduce high-fiber foods for weight loss purposes.

Water – Needed by almost all living things, water is one of the most important nutrients for your cat. Wet foods contain almost 75% moisture, but you should always give them access to fresh, clean water.


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