Halloween Pet-ventures

diy cat and dog

Fun DIY pet costumes.

Note from Pixxie, the Publix pet:

Create your own critter costume for Halloween. It’s fun and easy!


dog costume

Things you need:

  • Soft white batting
  • 6 inches shiny tulle - 3 colors
  • Felt fabric squares - 2 colors
  • 12 inches foiled lattice scrapbook paper squares
  • Small glitter pom-poms
  • Hook and loop fastener
  • 9.5-inch diameter round papier-mâché box
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  1. Draw a half-circle on the papier-mâché box to fit on the middle of the dog’s back; repeat on opposite side. This will be the cupcake base.
  2. Cut along half-circles, both sides.
  3. Roll batting to form the “cake” part of the cupcake; hot glue to secure edges.
  4. Wrap felt fabric around the rolled batting; hot glue to secure edges.
  5. Repeat with tulle: form a circle around the batting to make a layer of “icing”; hot glue to secure ends together.
  6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with a different color of fabric and tulle. Make each circle smaller as you create 2 additional tiers.
  7. Stack the tiers of “frosting” on top of the box; hot glue to secure.
  8. Hot glue pom-poms to decorate the cupcake top.
  9. Fold scrapbook paper into 1/2-inch accordion-style sections. Cut in half.
  10. Wrap and secure the folded scrapbook paper to the round box with hot glue.
  11. Measure around your dog’s chest and back area; cut hook and loop fastener accordingly to fasten to the underside of the cupcake; hot glue to the cupcake to secure.

French Kitty Chef

cat costume

Things you need:

  • White cardstock paper
  • White tissue paper
  • Red material
  • String
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Chef Hat

  1. Place a 9-inch piece of clear tape sticky-side up on work surface; secure both ends to surface with tape.
  2. Attach a 7 x 20-inch piece of white tissue paper to the tape by pressing 1/4-inch folds into the adhesive (on the 20-inch side) and overlapping pleats as you go; leave the upper half of the tape exposed.
  3. Sandwich the pleats between another long piece of tape.
  4. Carefully remove tape from surface, and repeat; pleat the other side of tissue paper.
  5. Cut a 1 1/8-inch strip of cardstock paper.
  6. Attach the cardstock strip to one pleated end with tape.
  7. Loop the other pleated end over, and form a circle with the cardstock strip; tape to secure.
  8. Poke holes in either side of the cardstock, and attach string.

Cut a triangle out of red material (large enough to loosely tie around cat’s neck).

DISCLAIMER: SAFETY FIRST! Be sure to supervise your pet when wearing a costume. You don’t want your pet to swallow anything harmful. For pets only. Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of children.

Perfecting your pet’s costume.

  1. Avoid rubber: Rubber bands can be a choking hazard and painful to a pet’s skin or fur.
  2. Eye openers: Avoid anything that can obstruct vision.
  3. Room to move: If your pet can tolerate a costume, make sure it’s not too tight or too loose. Tight costumes restrict circulation, while loose costumes can tangle the feet and tail.
  4. Bright ideas: It will be dark out. Don’t make it difficult for passing cars to see your pet. Try adding reflective tape to darker costumes.
  5. Travel lightly: Heavy costumes can cause your pet to overheat. If your pet is panting more than usual, it’s time to remove the costume.
  6. Start early: It may take time for your pet to get used to the costume. Put it on several times before the Halloween fun begins.

Things that scare your pet.

Halloween opens the door to some scary stuff! Your cat or dog may prefer to skip the trick-or-treating and find a quiet space away from all the excitement.

  • Knocking or ringing doorbell
  • People in masks and costumes
  • Special effects (fog machine/lights)
  • Glow sticks and fake blood (poisonous to pets)
  • Fake cobwebs (choking hazard and can entangle pets)
  • Being alone
  • Eerie music
  • Loud noises
  • Strangers
  • Vehicles
  • Thunder
  • Candy (may harm pets)

Always do your best to avoid things that scare your pet. Make Halloween safer for you and your pet by keeping candy out of reach and observing your pet’s behavior.

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