GreenWise Lamb

cooked greenwise lamb

All-Natural Flavor

GreenWise lamb is all-natural, raised with no antibiotics or added hormones, and fed a 100% vegetarian diet.

Bold and flavorful, uniquely delicious, our GreenWise lamb is raised without antibiotics or added hormones, ever. It's minimally processed, with no preservatives, and raised on a 100% vegetarian diet. So lamb lovers can enjoy a purely pleasant taste.

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Cuts and Cooking Methods

Variety Preferred Cooking Methods
Shoulder 1" – 1 3/4" thickness: broil, grill, braise, pan-broil
2+" thickness: oven-roast (moist heat)
Loin 1/2" – 3/4" thickness: pan-broil
1" – 2+" thickness: broil or grill

Cooking Temperatures

Cook lamb to a safe minimum internal temperature of 145°F, and ground lamb to 160°F.

Doneness of Meat Internal Cooking Temperature (in Fahrenheit)
Rare 140°
Medium Rare 145°
Medium 160°
Medium Well 165°
Well Done 170°
Ground Meats 160°