GreenWise Chicken

GreenWise Organic chicken wingettes

GreenWise Chicken

Our chickens are raised with no antibiotics or added hormones, and they always have been (federal regulations prohibit the use of added hormones in poultry). Plus, they’re fed a 100% vegetarian diet.

We use a high-tech air-chilling technique that has dramatic effects on our GreenWise all-natural chicken, allowing for optimal taste and texture. It eliminates water absorption, resulting in chicken that’s tender and juicy.

GreenWise Organic Chicken

Looking for an organic option? Our GreenWise organic chicken is USDA-certified organic, water-chilled, raised with no antibiotics or added hormones and fed a 100% organic vegetarian diet (federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry). Plus, GreenWise Organic Chicken now comes in a recyclable plastic tray!*

*Please check your local recycling site requirements before attempting to recycle trays.

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Cuts and Grilling Times

Cook chicken to a safe minimum internal temperature of 165°F.

Variety Time
Whole Chicken 15–20 minutes per pound, about 1 3/4 hours
Butterflied Whole Chicken About 1 hour
Bone-in Breast, Leg & Thigh 12–15 minutes per side
Wing 2–3 minutes per side
Boneless Chicken Breast 4–6 minutes per side