Frozen Food

chocolate ice cream in a bowl

In 1940, people traveled for miles to see the first Publix supermarket and its amazing new innovations—including an expansive frozen food section. Today, Publix continues to hold those frozen food aisles to meticulous standards.

Our frozen food cases contain a larger-than-ever variety of fruits and vegetables frozen at their peak, as well as tasty freezer meals to make dinnertime easier, and frozen treats like ice cream and fudge pops.

Ice Cream Made with Pride

Few things are as marvelous as a spoonful of ice cream. That’s why we make our Publix Premium Ice Cream exceptionally creamy, especially delicious, and all in our very own dedicated facility. After all, you really can’t compromise on quality. We make over 40 flavors of ice cream, and you can find many available in different sizes. You get the best ice cream in the size that works best for you.

And we have more exciting news: Our ice cream has a brand-new look. It’s still the same ice cream you’ve always loved, but now it’s wrapped in new designs that showcase each flavor. We’re always working to take things up a notch around here. Just see for yourself next time you swing by your neighborhood Publix.

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