Publix Premium Bouquet

fall floral bouquet

Selected with care. Handcrafted with pride.

The story of Publix Premium Bouquets is one of pride, care, and joy. It’s a story that brings a smile to people’s faces. A story that brightens up a home. A story that begins in Colombia.

To source Publix Premium Bouquets, we work with growers in Cundinamarca, a mountainous region surrounding Colombia’s high-altitude capital, Bogotá. Our flowers are grown and harvested there because of the area’s ideal climate. The high elevations, moderate temperatures, and direct sunlight help produce full, vibrant blooms.

The finest growers select twenty strong stems to craft each vase-ready bouquet. There’s pride in every flower our growers choose. We do it this way because we want you to take home a bouquet that will keep you smiling for days.

Come explore our long-lasting, prearranged bouquets today and take home vibrant colors that can brighten up a home.

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