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deli specialty cheese

From Near. From Far. Fromage.

Choose from 36 handpicked cheeses from around the world for your holiday party.

Over Thirty-Six Ways To Fall In Love

Every year, we travel the world searching for the best cheese. We do it because we know everyone loves cheese, and we want to bring it back to share it with all of you. And along the way, it doesn’t hurt that we get to taste a lot of really, really good cheese.

You’ll find the results of our search in the Publix Deli Specialty Cheese caseover thirty-six delicious varieties from across Europe and right here in Wisconsin: America’s Dairyland.

Every region that we visit has its own unique cheeses with different histories, shapes, textures, and flavors. But the ones that make the cut and become Publix Deli Specialty Cheeses all have one thing in common: quality. These are high-quality cheeses made the old-fashioned way, sometimes with recipes that go back hundreds of years.

All these cheeses are great on their own with crackers or bread, and we recommend taking a few home and exploring the world. A little bite of France here. A taste of Holland there. Travel the world, one cheese at a time.

Imported Dutch Aged Gouda

Ripened to perfection on wooden shelves and turned by hand for at least ten months for a rich, full flavor. Perfect on a cheese board and delicious with a full-bodied wine. Made with one hundred percent Dutch cow’s milk. Smooth and savory with a slight caramel flavor. Consistently high-quality.

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Imported French Brie

Our Brie comes from a dairy in the northwest part of France. The milk is collected from local cows, guaranteeing the freshest milk—a key to making great Brie. Goes great on a sandwich, or as a baked dessert served with fresh fruit, and as part of a cheese board. Pairs well with champagne and pinot noir. Or, for beer lovers, try Brie with a cherry ale. Soft and creamy with an earthy, mushroom flavor in the rind. 

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Imported Spanish Manchego

This Manchego, made with goat, sheep, and cow milk and aged for three months, has an ivory color and tiny holes evenly distributed throughout the cheese. It has a firm texture and a mild, nutty flavor that becomes creamy and buttery as it melts in your mouth. Pairs well with a full-bodied Spanish wine such as a Rioja. You can serve it as part of a cheese board with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and crusty bread.

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Imported Danish Blue Cheese

Our Danish Blue comes from one of the oldest dairies in Denmark at Høgelund, founded in 1889. Unlike the French Roquefort, which is made with sheep’s milk, this is made with cow’s milk. It features thin blue threads that give it a slight bite. Altogether, it’s a soft, creamy cheese with a buttery blue taste. Blue goes great on a burger, crumbled in a salad, or on a cheese board. Pairs well with sparkling wines, big reds, and dessert wines.

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Domestic Fresh Mozzarella

The makers of our fresh mozzarella are carrying on a family tradition that goes back generations to Italy. Here in the US, to reproduce that same high-quality Italian cheese, they use the best milk from America’s Dairyland: Wisconsin. Using only the freshest milk, they create a soft, mild cheese that is milky and creamy.

Serve in pasta, salad, or make a caprese salad with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, and basil.
We suggest pairing with a light white wine such as a pinot grigio.

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Domestic Goat Cheese

Our goat cheese comes from a dairy founded almost thirty years ago in southwestern Wisconsin. The producers combine traditional French cheese-making techniques with modern recipes to create this award-winning line of goat cheeses, also known as chèvre. Try goat cheese in a salad, on a cheese board, or as an alternative to cream cheese. The classic wine pairing for goat cheese is sauvignon blanc.

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