The Basics of Riesling

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Riesling is the wine darling of the moment. The riesling grape produces sophisticated wines that can be dry or sweet, and excel at a mouth-watering, can't-get-enough quality. Here are some notable basics about riesling.

Riesling grape origins:

Riesling basics:
A dry or sweet and crisp white that's ideal for spring menus or solo sips during warmer months.

When sipping riesling:
Look for

  • a floral aroma
  • fruity flavors of peaches, tangerines, and honeysuckle
  • spice notes
  • a refreshing yet long finish

Some states that produce riesling:
Washington, New York, and California.

Wine-tasting pairings with riesling:
These food-friendly wines pair delightfully with bites of Gouda or Havarti cheese, candied walnuts, pears, or even apple pie.

Favorite rieslings to try at Publix