A Pinot Noir Primer

pinot grigio grapesPoet and novelist Robert Louis Stevenson declared, "Wine is bottled poetry." While we can't be sure which wine prompted his announcement, we do think the sentiment perfectly applies to Pinot Noir. Here’s a rundown of why Pinot Noir is such a wine-drinkers' favorite.

The pinot noir grape:
Made from a tricky-to-grow red grape in France's Burgundy region.

Why pinot noir is so popular:
It's food-friendly in countless ways, and an ideal sip as the warmth of summer surrenders to the slight chill of autumn.

Pinot noir body and flavor:
Alluring, with a silky body, pinot noir's flavor characteristics include cherry, plum, strawberry, and hints of nutmeg, chocolate, vanilla, smoke, and violet.

Where pinot noir is produced:
The popular varietal is produced in major wine regions throughout the world. It is best known domestically as a grape suited for the cooler climes of the Russian River, the Carneros, and San Luis Obispo regions in California; and the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Pinot noir pairings:
Bottles pair well with

  • light, herb-crusted meats
  • grilled salmon
  • mushroom dishes
  • salads garnished with cranberries, cherries, and currants

Pinot noir bottles to try: