Wine & Publix Deli Subs: A Weeknight Dinner Pairing

wine and sub

Tired of the same old taco and pizza options for easy weeknight dinners? Shake things up with a buffet of Publix Deli subs. Whether you host friends or feed the family, Publix subs offer a bounty of flavors that appeal to everyone. For a no-sweat supper, open a bottle of easy-drinking wine, and keep it casual with dishwasher-friendly stemless wine glasses.

Chicken Tender Sub + Sparkling Wine

Freshly fried, crunchy-coated chicken tenders star in this show, whether topped with buffalo and blue cheese, sweet honey mustard and tomatoes, or even Deli mac and cheese. With so many ways to personalize it, this sub calls for a wine with depth and acidity.

Publix Recommends: Korbel Brut
When it comes to indulgent foods, such as fried chicken, bubbles are a Publix sub's best friend. A medium-dry sparkler, Korbel Brut for instance, refreshes and revives the palate with bright citrus, sweet apple, and pear notes.

korbel and brut

Ultimate Sub + Red Blend

With three layers of freshly sliced Deli meats—tavern ham, turkey breast, and roast beef—this is the ultimate sub. Enhanced by creamy Muenster or sharp pepper Jack, this umami bomb is ready for pairing with a big, bold red wine.

Publix Recommends: Apothic Dark Red
Jammy, lush reds are always friendly to hearty meats. Apothic’s limited-edition dark red blend is juicy with deep berry flavors, finishing with coffee and chocolate notes that play up the sweetness in ham and full-flavored roast beef.

apothic dark

Italian Sub + Pinot Grigio

Hot and sweet, the combination of sliced Genoa salami, hot capicola, and tavern ham is ripe for a light, fresh white to offset the strong flavors. To add pungent tang and crunch, garnish with oil and vinegar, banana peppers, jalapeños, and red onions.

Publix Recommends: Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio
What grows together goes together, and a classic Italian pinot grigio makes a crisp counterpoint to cured meats. With a lightly floral nose and vivid blend of tropical fruit and citrus flavors, it offsets salty salami with a clean finish.

ecco domani

Turkey Cranberry Holiday Sub + Riesling

This seasonal sandwich is highly anticipated, and for good reason: The savory-sweet pairing of roasted turkey, bacon, smoked Gruyère, and cranberry-orange relish is a holiday present. A wine with a touch of sweet fruitiness and crispness can handle the complex mix of pleasing flavors.

Publix Recommends: Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling
With bouncy fruitiness and earthy minerality, this light-bodied dry riesling is a versatile match for all favorite holiday foods. It balances the rich effect of turkey and trimmings, and complements tangy cranberry sauce.

chateau ste michelle

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