Food & Wine Pairings

Our Food & Wine Pairings chart makes it simple to find the perfect wine for the perfect meal. We've given you a head start by breaking it down for you on the chart below into whites, blushes, and reds. Just read down to the flavor you seek and across to the food you're serving to find a wine that's just right.

Click on any of the specific food types listed and you'll open the door to many delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes at the Publix Aprons Recipes section.

food and wine pairings chart
food and white wine pairings chart
food and blush wine pairings chart
food and red wine pairings chart

Appetizers Sandwiches Asian Foods Beef Pork Veal Lamb Light Pasta Heavy Pasta Poultry Salmon/Tuna Seafood - Other Fish Shellfish Desserts