Beer Identification Guide

Icon System

wheat ale iconWe've developed the following system of icons for your shopping convenience. There are hundreds of beer styles, and the icons categorize these into easily identifiable groups. Simply match them to the ones you see on our shelf tags. If you already have favorite beers, check your neighborhood Publix for more choices with the same icons. That way, you can try more suds and get fewer duds. Now that's refreshing. CHEERS!

Basic Ales

Ale yeast ferments at a higher temperature than lager yeast. This stimulates increased production of esters, which are distinctive flavor and aroma compounds. The result is a complex combination of flavors. Here are some common varieties of ale.

wheat ale icon WHEAT ALE
Brewed with malted wheat. Slightly tart flavor, often with subtle notes of citrus.
            ale icon BLONDE ALE
Smooth, with malty sweetness and low to moderate bitterness.
pale ale icon PALE ALE
Moderate to high level of hop bitterness and strong hop flavors. Malt sweetness plays a supporting role.
amber ale icon AMBER/RED ALE
Bittersweet caramel malt characteristics influence color and flavor.
brown ale icon BROWN ALE
Roasty malt flavor with low to moderate bitterness. Often caramel, fruity, and/or chocolate notes are present.
porter and stout icon PORTER/STOUT
Dark in color with roasted, nutty flavors. Chocolate and/or coffee notes may be very pronounced.

Basic Lagers

Lager yeast ferments at a lower temperature than ale yeast, so fewer esters (distinctive flavor and aroma compounds) are produced. The result is a mellow, refreshing, light- to medium-bodied beer. Here are some common varieties of lager.

pilsner icon PILSNER
Crisp, with moderate to high bitterness. Spicy herbal or floral aroma and flavor.
light lager icon LIGHT LAGER
Light and dry; low in both malt flavor and hop character.
amber lager icon AMBER LAGER
Malty, roasted sweetness with a dry, well-balanced bitterness at finish.
dark lager icon DARK LAGER
Smooth, with some malt sweetness. May include hints of coffee, molasses, and/or chocolate.
bock icon BOCK
Robust malt character. Broad range of colors, from light gold to deep brown. Typically lightly hopped.

Alternative Flavored Adult Beverages

We offer an expanded selection of flavored adult beverages for those seeking an alternative to beer.

cider icon CIDER
Sweet and fruity or slightly drier, wine-like flavor with medium to high acidity. Frequently carbonated.
flavored malt beverage icon FLAVORED MALT BEVERAGE
Carbonated malt beverage with intense sweet flavors added after brewing. Includes hard lemonades, hard teas, and hard sodas.
wine cooler icon WINE COOLER
Mixture of wine with fruit flavors or juices; may be carbonated or uncarbonated.

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