What is the proper way to pour a beer?

Keep in mind that some beers may require varying pours. The following technique is suitable for the widest variety of beers.

Step 1

Ensure that the glass is "beer clean." This refers not only to residue from previous beverages, but also any soap residue from your dishwasher and lint from dish towels. In fact, we recommend hand-washing and air-drying glassware used exclusively for beer. If the glass is to be used immediately after washing, wipe excess water from the inside with a fresh, smooth-textured dish towel, or use a paper towel.

Step 2

Hold the glass at a 90-degree angle and begin your pour down the middle. Immediately after the beer first splashes into the bottom of the glass, tilt the glass to a 45-degree angle. This quick maneuver may seem trivial, but it helps achieve the head that the brewer intended. If the beer is all poured with the glass tilted, too little head will form; if it is all poured with the glass upright, too much head will form.

Step 3

Before the beer is half-poured, right the glass to a 90-degree angle once again. Continue pouring down the middle, slowing as the foam rises. Stop when you feel the foam is going to hit the rim.

Step 4

If the can or bottle still contains drinkable unpoured beer, serve it alongside the glass. Be sure to check for special instructions from the brewer, as some unfiltered beers are not meant to be poured until the can or bottle is completely empty.

Step 5

Sip and enjoy!

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