What glassware should I use?

Glassware is important because it facilitates a clear view of the beer's appearance. Also, pouring the beer releases carbon dioxide, which transports the aroma up to your nose. Finally, a glass allows you to taste the beer without influence from the can or bottle.

Here are a few types of glasses that can be used with a wide variety of beers.

Nonic Glass

nonic glassThis is a type of pint glass. The top portion near the rim has a gentle bulge, which comes in handy when you're trying to grip a glass covered in condensation. The curve also enhances sturdiness, reducing risk of breakage.

Beer Mug

beer mugThis is a versatile glass, great for many beers that are intended to be served cold. The design is inspired by the beer stein, a form of traditional stoneware that originated in Germany. The handle prevents your hand from warming the beer.

American Pint Glass (or Shaker Glass)

shaker glassThis 16-oz glass is a popular choice with bars, restaurants, and beer enthusiasts nationwide. The thickness allows for great durability and easy stacking, as well as beer temperature retention. The rim is wide, maximizing your aromatic experience.

Stemmed Tulip Glass

stemmed tulip glassThis glass is ergonomically designed to ensure that your tongue gets the full range of flavors in the proper order. Because it can deliver such complexity, it's a favored glass for ales.

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