The Perfect Time to Clean Up Your Eating Plan

Chicken Bolognese Over PastaSometimes it is easy to get off track on your wellness journey. Holidays, busy schedules, and other obligations may keep you from focusing on your health. But you can get back on track. Typically, spring is a great time to clean and reorganize, replacing the old with the new. It’s also a great way to start healthy new habits and break the old. Here are a few tips to get a head start in your spring health goals.

Keep a Food Journal

There are many different ways to keep track of what you eat. You can write it down on paper, keep notes on your computer or digital device, or use a diet tracking website or app. Keeping a food log helps you assess where you are and helps increase your chances of success. Some studies have shown that people who keep track of what they eat, no matter the method, have better success at losing weight, managing their diet, controlling their portions, and sticking to healthy habits. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when keeping a food journal:

Extras Add Up
Record as You Go
Don't Skip Your Indulgent Days
Pay Attention to Portion Sizes
Be Specific


Set Realistic Goals

Refine your goals by targeting a specific area for improvement. Goals should also be measurable, time-related, and most importantly, realistic. Carefully plan your goals and consider how they will fit best into your lifestyle. If you tend to eat out several times a week at lunch, this might be an opportunity to make better choices. For example, set a goal to eat out only twice a week. On the other days, plan to pack your lunch in a cooler to take with you.

Nutrition Goals Examples


Spring-Clean Your Pantry

You won't be able to see what you have in your home, what you need to toss out, and what you need to buy until you've completely removed everything from your pantry. Consider these tips to get organized.

Take Inventory
Check the Dates
Check Ingredients
Create Zones
Make a List


Helpful Tools from Publix

Publix offers a variety of tools for you. From shopping lists to recipes, Publix can help you get a head start in your springtime health goals.

Shopping Lists
Shelf Tags


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