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3 Genius Resolution Hacks

table of fresh vegetablesWe all want to eat better. But getting started is the hard part, and that's why Publix is here to help. First you'll want to identify the specific change you want to make when it comes to your wellness. And no matter what that is, we're here with tips and tools for you to accomplish your goals. Let's start with three common resolutions and how to make them stick.

Resolution 1: I want to cook nutritious meals for my family.

We offer a wide variety of Aprons Better Choice, Carb Smart, Heart Smart, and Gluten Free recipes that address specific dietary considerations.

Try our featured Better Choice recipes:

Resolution 2: I want to eat less added sugar, less sodium, less saturated fat, or more fiber.

We created the Better Choice shelf tag program to make it easier than ever to spot the nutrition information you're looking for.

Look for our Better Choice shelf tags, which can help you make small shifts by choosing products that are higher in fiber, or lower in added sugars, saturated fat, and added sodium compared to like products.

Resolution 3: I want to find products without artificial preservatives or flavors.

Look for our icons on the shelf tags to help guide you through our store aisles to find certain products that can assist you on your health and wellness journey.

Search online with our product catalog.

Shop GreenWise products.

Start with a shopping list. We have them for Low FatLow Sodium, Four Grams of Sugar or Less, and Gluten Free.

No matter how you're planning to get back on track this year, Publix is here to help every step of the way.

Featured Better Choice Recipes

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