Simple Breakfast Solutions

hands holding glass of smoothie drinkThere are days when you barely have time for breakfast, and others when you can enjoy a more leisurely morning meal. We have ideas for both! Take a look at these easy breakfast solutions that suit a variety of morning routines.

Plan Ahead

When you know your morning is going to be rushed, prepare a grab-and-go breakfast the night before that you can look forward to enjoying—even if it's at your desk or during your commute.

Breakfast that gets better overnight
When you're looking to make the morning a little easier, try a recipe you can make ahead and pick up on the way out the door, such as our Aprons Overnight Apple-Berry Oats. It's a great option for incorporating nutrients into one simple meal.

Or instead of granola, make your own muesli with our Aprons Better Choice Fruit and Nut Muesli over Yogurt with Blueberries recipe. Make it an on-the-go option by preparing the muesli the day before and putting together the ingredients in a snap.

Easy Morning Prep

Here are some simple ideas to try when you have a little more time to prepare and savor a balanced breakfast.

Breakfast sandwiches of champions
Our Aprons Better Choice recipe, Crunch Waffle Sandwiches, brings a burst of sweetness with a berry mixture spread between toasted waffles. To save time on this recipe, prepare the berry mixture in advance and put together the sandwiches right before serving.

Strata or muffin?
Make your strata into a portable breakfast delight by using a muffin pan. Our Aprons Better Choice Butternut Squash Strata recipe delivers a breakfast you can make ahead, or enjoy right out of the oven.

Smoothie tips
Refreshing smoothies, such as our Aprons Better Choice Peach-Mango Protein Smoothies, are ideal choices for breakfast on the go. There's not much prep time required, and you can drink it on your morning commute.

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