Recipes in a Jar

bowl of soup and jar of cookiesWhether homemade holiday gifts are your forte, or you’re ready to try something new, delicious recipes in a jar can be crowd-pleasers for many people on your list. They’re a lot of fun to give and receive—and they can be filled with ingredients that promote better health.

Jars of Goodness

Recipe ingredients placed in a mason or canning jar for easy preparation make a great gift for all ages. Plus, it can be an easy way to involve children and share the meaning behind the giving. Personalize each jar with a colorful bow and recipe card so your recipients simply pour the contents into a bowl, add a few simple ingredients they likely have at home, and follow the instructions.

Who doesn’t want to share the health benefits of cooking together at home this time of year? Surprise your family members, friends, teachers, and coworkers with our delightful Aprons Better Choice jar recipes:

Aprons Better Choice Double Chocolate Banana Cookies
Accompany this gift with related items, such as sheet pans, baking racks, and an ice cream scoop for easy portioning.

Aprons Better Choice Beefy Five-Bean Soup in a Jar
To enhance this gift, package it with a stockpot or Crock-Pot and ladle.

Reuse it! Homemade recipes in a jar are not only festive, but the jars may be reused to make salads, parfaits, and other delectable creations.

Get started with these Aprons Better Choice recipes: Cashew Broccoli Barley Salad, Roasted Vegetable Waldorf Salad, and Overnight Apple-Berry Oats.

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