Grab-and-Go Gifts

gift list of namesFinding the right presents for everyone on your list—including those who share your passion for health and wellness—doesn’t have to be complicated. Just think of their interests, and look no farther than your neighborhood Publix.

Gifts for the Active Family

Do you know an active mom or dad constantly on the move, a student rushing between school and activities, or a busy professional looking to carve out time for workouts and better eating? Peruse these simple, personalized presents for the active people in your life.

Water bottle. Everyone needs hydration, so make it fun with water bottles that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to meet every need. Check out the water bottle selections available at Publix.

Water is more interesting when infused with fresh fruits. Consider pairing your water bottle gift with delicious seasonal produce to cut up and add to the water. Our Cherry-Melon Hibiscus Refresher recipe is a great option to fill that bottle.

Mini cooler. Another on-the-go idea for kids and adults, small coolers and plastic lunch kits for bento-style lunches can be perfect fits. Pair them with freezer packs and individually packaged hand wipes.

Super blender. For fans of fresh smoothies, juices, and soups, a gift like the Nutribullet Superfood Nutrient Extractor is sure to be a hit. Top it off with a Publix gift card to purchase their favorite ingredients.

Point them in the right direction with our delicious Aprons Better Choice Peach-Mango Protein Smoothie recipe.

Gifts for the Inspired Cook

Cooking at home offers a multitude of health benefits. It’s easy to modify recipes to meet particular dietary needs, such as fewer calories, lower sodium, or less saturated fat. Give your favorite cooks new kitchen equipment that will empower them to experiment with healthful creations. New oven mitts or dish towels make great accompaniments for any of these ideas.

Slow cooker. If you have a time-starved friend who cooks for a crowd, the slow cooker is a classic option for simplifying dinner by putting together all the ingredients and leaving them to simmer.

Nonstick pans. Who doesn’t appreciate some fresh nonstick pans for their kitchen supply? Include a wooden spoon, plastic spatula, or other utensils for nonstick surfaces.

Kitchen scale. The ultimate tool for easy portion control, a kitchen scale is a handy item to have around to measure recipe ingredients and serving sizes.

Knife and cutting board. A cook can always use a new knife and cutting board to sharpen meal prep skills.

Recipes and gift cards. Publix offers a special recipe binder as a home for all of our free Aprons Better Choice recipe cards that you’ll find regularly in our stores. Publix gift cards allow recipients to choose the exact items they want. In select locations, they may also be used for cooking classes at Aprons Cooking Schools.

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