Publix Storm Basics

Hurricane Storm Basics

Weathering Together

Let’s face it—storms can be scary. But Publix is here for you. We’re committed to helping you eliminate as many “what ifs” as possible by providing you with the resources to understand and plan for any storm that may come your way. What supplies do you need? How much food should you stock? How early should you start preparing? Publix has you covered. This storm season, we’re weathering together.

Click the link below for checklists of nonperishable foods and supplies that you should have on hand before a storm arrives. You may also want to consider refilling your prescriptions. Our associates will be happy to help you.

Check to see which stores are open in your area.

Need a Plan? You Have a Helping Hand in Publix.

In case of a storm, you'll need enough supplies and nonperishable foods to last for an extended period of time. Print the checklists below and take them with you when you shop. This is also a good time to check prescriptions and have them refilled. This will ensure you and your family have just what you need to weather the storm.

Adobe PDF iconEmergency Supplies Checklist

Adobe PDF iconNonperishable Foods Checklist

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Start Safe. Stay Safe. Even after the Storm.

Even though the storm is over, there are still a lot of things you need to know. You'll want to remain indoors until you're given official notice that it's okay to venture outside, and when you do, you'll want to stay away from trees (and other objects) that have come in contact with power lines. You'll also need to know about food and water safety, such as what you need to throw out and how to disinfect your water. Find information on these topics and more by visiting the resource links below.

Expert Resources

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After a storm, visit to see which stores are open in your area.