Creepy, Crafty Fun

  • vampire syrup
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Glass Candy
  • Swamp Guac
  • Crafty Crunch Apples
  • Hieroglycious Mummy
  • jar o lantern
  • candle corn
  • ghost pops
  • witch party favor bags
  • chicken wings on a platter
  • pile of bones
  • two cocktails with olives
  • witch finger bread sticks

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative. And luckily, creative doesn’t have to mean challenging or time-intensive. No matter what your Halloween traditions may be—turning your home into a fun trick-or-treat stop for kids, throwing a party for adults, or making themed decorations and food for everyone to enjoy—you’re sure to find easy crafts and recipes here that you can’t wait to try. Come join in the creepy, crafty fun!