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Looking At Labels

Discover more solutions for your health and wellness goals with icons that will show you the way to items with organic ingredients, gluten-free options, and more.

Explore The Icons

Let’s be clear.

Our shelf tag icons will help you:

  • Compare prices quickly and easily
  • Identify organic items
  • Locate gluten-free food
  • Find new products you're sure to love
Leaf icon Products are made without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors; may contain colors from natural sources. Find out more.
Better Choice tags Using the latest scientific research, Publix registered dietitian nutritionists have compared groups of similar products, like cereal, for example. The tags identify items that have more of the nutrients you need, like fiber, and less of the things you don't need, like saturated fat, or added sodium, or added sugar. Take a look.
USDA Organic icon Item is USDA-certified organic and contains 95% or more organic ingredients. Learn more.
Made with Organic Ingredients icon Product is made with at least 70% organic ingredients. See more.
Gluten-Free icon Products have been declared gluten free on the package by the manufacturer in accordance with FDA regulations. Get the details.
Save icon Price is temporarily reduced
Clearance icon Product will soon be unavailable
WIC icon Items are available under special supplemental food assistance program for Women, Infants, and Children. Find products under the WIC program.
F$A icon Flexible Spending Account:* Products are allowed under current tax law to be purchased through a flexible spending account. Look for F$A items.

*Not all flexible spending accounts allow the purchase of these products. Please review your flexible spending account to determine which purchases are eligible under your plan.
New icon Product is new to our shelves; give it a try!
local state icons Highlights a local product. This means that the product is grown, harvested, or manufactured in the state where the store is located.* Learn more.

*Excludes packaging and minor ingredients. At any time, weather or seasonality could impact availability of agricultural items; our definition is based on normal and expected availability.