Delivery & Curbside Pickup Powered by Instacart FAQ

Publix offers delivery and curbside service in select areas across the Southeast! Find out more.

How does the curbside pickup service work?
Why isn't delivery available where I live?
Do Publix associates receive, fill, or deliver my order?
How do I create an Instacart account or place an order?
How much will delivery cost?
Can I take advantage of BOGOs, coupons, and weekly ad deals through Instacart?
Why are delivery prices different from the prices at my store?
What products and services are not available with this service?
How does tipping work and who receives the tips?
Do Instacart delivery drivers have Instacart signage on their vehicles, and will they use any equipment when delivering my order?
How do I return a Publix item I purchased through Instacart?
Whom do I contact with questions, updates or issues with my Instacart order?
Where can I find more information about Instacart?
How do I contact Instacart?
How does the delivery service work?
Can I order online and pick up items at the store?