E-Receipts FAQ

Publix now offers e-receipts — electronic receipts that you can access anytime from your Club Publix account. Find out more.

What are e-receipts?
How do I sign up for e-receipts?
What action do I take to get e-receipts?
Can a Publix associate sign me up for e-receipts?
How do I review my e-receipts?
How soon are e-receipts available and how long are they stored?
How do I cancel or change my e-receipts preferences?
How are returns handled with e-receipts?
Will I get e-receipts for online orders?
What happens if I forgot to enter my phone number on the PIN pad at checkout?
How can I avoid having a purchase stored?
How do e-receipts work with other savings programs such as Ibotto and Stocking Spree?