Coronavirus FAQ

We are aware of the large amount of information being circulated about the coronavirus (COVID-19). We recommend keeping up with the latest information available on

Below are frequently asked questions to provide you more information about our stores during this situation.

What is Publix doing in response to coronavirus?
Have your store and pharmacy hours changed?
Do Shelter in Place orders and local ordinances impact local stores?
Is delivery available after store hours? Why are delivery and curbside times delayed? Why are certain products not available?
Why are certain items out of stock?
Why do you have item limits in place? Can I get a rain check for items currently out of stock?
Will Publix accept refunds on items purchased during this pandemic?
How is Publix keeping stores clean and sanitized?
What is Publix doing in place of cart wipes?
Are Publix associates wearing masks and gloves?
Why am I not receiving my regular emails from Publix?
Does Publix offer contactless pay options?
Are you hiring more associates at this time?
Are you putting up shields between cashiers and customers? Is this companywide?
What benefits are associates receiving at this time (such as additional pay, extended sick policies, and childcare)?
Are you limiting customers in stores?
How is Publix supporting social distancing in stores?