Publix Supports Youth Soccer

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Kicking up better choices.

When you see them having fun at practice, you know signing them up was a good decision. And when you think of all the other benefits, you know it was a great one. While your young players are out on the field showing off their skills, they’re also learning positive exercise, nutrition, and character habits. That’s why Publix proudly supports youth soccer.

We know that being a soccer family means keeping busy, and providing proper nutrition can be a challenge. We’d like to offer some solutions. Whether you want to register your kids with your state’s youth soccer association or you’re looking for recipe ideas—and everything else in between—we’re here to help.

If you’re not yet a soccer parent, register your kids today! When fitness is fun for them, the future will be full of victories.


Click on your state’s youth soccer association logo to learn more and register a player.*

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*By clicking these links, you will leave and enter a state soccer association site operated and controlled by the association named in the link.


These recipes have the ingredients you want to support your soccer players’ active lifestyle, and they’re easy to make. Good news for the kids—they taste great too!

For breakfast. For dinner. For everything in between. Just check these out.

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Easy ways to stay hydrated.

Hydration should start first thing in the morning and continue through the game or practice. Even if they don’t feel thirsty, your kids should still drink water. If the game or practice is over an hour, make sure they have a sport drink with electrolytes on the sideline. 1 After the game, help them rehydrate with the right foods and fluids. Here are a few tips to make that easier:1,2

  1. When dining out, order water first and then a specialty beverage if you and/or the kids are still thirsty.
  2. Use a reusable water bottle that can easily be refilled at school, at parks, and while traveling.
  3. Bring a water pitcher to the kitchen table to conveniently refill glasses.
  4. Increase water intake by including fruits and vegetables with a higher water content, such as grapes, strawberries, watermelon, lettuce, or carrots.
  5. On a hot day, make a smoothie that includes your favorite fruits.

Keep kids loving the H2O.

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Try these tips to help your children stay hydrated during the game.

  • Younger children may not recognize they’re thirsty, or they may ignore their thirst. Establish routine water breaks just like setting routine meal and snack times.1
  • Dilute 100% fruit juice at a ratio of 1 oz juice to 4 oz of water to provide an alternative option when kids get bored of plain water.
  • Experiment with fresh fruit, vegetables, or herbs to jazz up water. Let your children pick out the fruit. A few ideas include cucumber, lemon, lime, or orange slices.2


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